From the Canyon Outward
Leaning Against Time
-love at gunpoint
Spare Parts and Dismemberment
Tiny Teeth
The Crow and I
nila northSun


R.L. Crow Publications will only accept retuned items that were purchased directly from us. Please return all other defective or damage items to the original point of purchase.

All returned merchandise must have a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number clearly written on the outside of the packaging and on any paperwork accompanying the return. Items without a RMA number will be refused delivery.

To obtain a RMA number

  1. RMA requests must be made within 10 calendar days of receipt of an item. RMA numbers are valid for 15 calendar days after issuance.
  2. RMA numbers can be obtained by email at info@rlcrow.com
  3. All returned items must be accompanied by proof of purchase from R.L. Crow Publications.
  4. Returned items must be shipped using the least expensive carrier and shipping charges must be prepaid. Pack the item carefully to prevent damage when shipping to R.L. Crow Publications. Reimbursement of shipping charges will be determined once the product is evaluated. Shipping destinations will accompany the issuance of RMS numbers.
  5. R.L. Crow Publications is not responsible for damage incurred during shipping. If evidence of shipping damage is noted, customer must promptly file a claim with the freight company
  6. Non-defective returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Special orders may not be returned. From time to time, in advance of sales, other specific return agreements may be made.
  7. Upon receipt, evaluation and acceptance of responsibility for the defective items R.L. Crow Publications will: promptly ship replacement items, or give the appropriate credit.
To ensure efficient and proper execution of your return please follow all above procedures. Failure to follow these procedures will result in the item not being accepted by R.L. Crow Publications and being returned to you at your expense. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at info@rlcrow.com

Retail items are generally shipped in bubble wrapped envelopes through the U.S. Postal Service.

Book Shipping: $3.50 through the US Postal Service. Other carriers are freight plus handling.

Foreign delivery is priced by item.

Submissions Policy:
Because of our current backlog and catalog of future publications, the following limitations apply to all submissions and publication enquiries:

  1. We do not accept unsolicited submissions.
  2. Unsolicited submissions may or may not be returned.
  3. No unsolicited submission will be returned without a return self-addressed stamped envelope.
  4. We do not accept email enquiries/queries.
  5. We do not accept telephone enquiries/queries.
  6. Unsolicited enquiries/queries may or may not be returned or acknowledged.
  7. No unsolicited enquiry/query will be returned or acknowledged without a return self-addressed stamped envelope.
  8. In order to gain an insight into the type of material we are interested in, please review and read our current list of publications and authors before sending an enquiry or query letter
  9. Telephone calls about unsolicited submissions and/or unsolicited enquiries/queries will not be returned.

Thank you for considering R.L. Crow Publications as your publisher; we are complemented by your interest.

© 2016, R.L. Crow

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