From the Canyon Outward
Leaning Against Time
-love at gunpoint
Spare Parts and Dismemberment
Tiny Teeth
The Crow and I
nila northSun

About R.L. Crow Publications

R.L. Crow Publications is a small publishing house, publishing from one to five books and several limited edition broadsides per year. We are currently focusing on contemporary poetry and prose. Though we are not limited to publishing one type or form of writing we do look for material that is written with a clarity of language, boldness of expression and uses an honesty of experience as its platform. We do lean toward the Meat and Street styles of writing. R.L. Crow believes that poetry is an expressive literary art form of which each poem is a stand-alone piece of art and that the best way to express this art is through the directness of the short poem. We appreciate an economy of language.

R.L. Crow Publications' Mission/Business Statement
R.L. Crow Publications' mission is to challenge contemporary poets and writers to work with a clarity of language and boldness of expression that leaves the reader with a new understanding of the familiar. It is R.L. Crow Publications' business to showcase and publish the best of these efforts.

R.L. Crow Publications' Vision Statement
It is our vision to bring together a group of poets and writers who by their association with R.L. Crow Publications bring attention and recognition to themselves and one another.

© 2016, R.L. Crow

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