From the Canyon Outward
Leaning Against Time
-love at gunpoint
Spare Parts and Dismemberment
Tiny Teeth
The Crow and I
nila northSun

W. S. Gainer

Warmer Places
     for Kim and Bonnie

For want of salt
she licked his neck
and dreamed
of salty Margaritas
and someone named
of hidden hideaways,
warmer places,
a beach in Mazatlan –
with him.

When she woke
the house was cold,
she tiptoed to the kitchen,
held herself tight,
pulled a chair close
and sat waiting
for the stove
to warm.

—Bill Gainer


I write poems
that scare her.
She reads them
before I get up,
after I leave
and tells me
about it

—Bill Gainer

A Table With a View

I would have liked to see
a little more of her thigh,
but her skirt only
slipped up so far –
and she was too young
to show any more
and I was too old
to expect it.
But sometimes it’s okay
to wish upon unopened
flowers –
and to tip waitresses
a little more that you should.
when they give you
a table
with a view.

—Bill Gainer

Deliberate Departure

Assisted Suicide –
she hates the name,
tells me they should call it
something else,
maybe –
        “Deliberate Departure”
says, “it isn’t
what it is,
Assisted Suicide.”
Then offers,
I would help

—Bill Gainer

Bill Gainer has contributed to the literary scene as a writer, editor, promoter, publicist and poet. He is a co-founder and current board member of the Nevada County Poetry Series.
Bill says he has been privileged to work with a wide range of writers and poets, from emerging talents to the nationally known.

His work has appeared in The Oregonian, Author and Poet, Poetry Prevue, The Archer, Major Poets Quarterly, The Auburn Journal, The Pipeline, The Bukowski Review, The Sacramento News and Review, Poetry Now, The Placer County’s Art Council’s “perspectives”, The Tule Review, The Guild to the Arts, Because People Matter, The Rattlesnake Review and numerous other journals and anthologies. Ann Menebroker wrote the introduction to Bill’s latest book Roxy; co-authored with Todd Cirillo and Will Staple.

Reprinted from Poetry Now